About The Author


Beyond the world of entrepreneurship and academia, Anthony embodies a zest for life that is both inspiring and contagious. Picture him savoring the rich aroma of a Johnny Walker Black, complemented by the subtle indulgence of a mild Macanudo cigar, or embarking on culinary adventures, exploring new restaurants that often require a three-hour journey. His love for travel extends beyond gastronomic delights, as he revels in exploring new destinations and immersing himself in diverse cultures.

Meet Anthony Fairley, a dynamic entrepreneur and the creative mind behind the inspiring words in A Nobody From Nowhere: How to Create Success For Yourself When You Don’t Have Nothing. Anthony wears the hat of a small business owner at AGF Business Consulting, a boutique consulting company that serves clients across the United States. With a passion for guiding small business owners, he dives deep into the intricacies of their operations, offering invaluable insights and solutions.

Originally hailing from the quaint town of Prentiss, Mississippi, Anthony later found his academic home in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, where he pursued his studies at William Carey University, majoring in Business Administration. It was during his college years that his love for writing took root, nurtured by a creative writing class that ignited his literary aspirations.

Fueling his intellectual curiosity, Anthony earned his undergraduate degree and immediately set his sights on higher education, embarking on a journey to obtain his MBA. Today,

He stands on the threshold of his second literary venture, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to sharing knowledge and empowering others through his words.

Anthony also finds joy in the pulse-pounding excitement of zombie and action movies, losing himself in the gripping stories that unfold onscreen. He is an avid reader, finding solace and enlightenment in the pages of books that captivate his imagination. Yet, amidst his ventures and hobbies, Anthony’s most cherished moments are spent with his lively and entertaining family and friends, creating memories that echo with laughter and camaraderie.

Anthony Fairley isn’t just an author; he’s a multifaceted individual whose passion for life, writing, and connecting with people is evident in every word he pens. Through his diverse experiences and creative endeavors, he enriches the lives of those he encounters, leaving an ineradicable mark on both the business world and the literary landscape.